Why learn a foreign language?
It's never too late to start learning a foreign language. Beside the practical usage, studying a foreign language has beneficial influences on the brain. Studies show that the processes of learning a new language can decrease the level of neuronal damage and the risk of developing diseases such as Alzheimer decreases by up to 70% if you start learning new languages around the age of 30 to 40 years old.
What is VUVUZE?
VUVUZE represents a different solution to learning a foreign language, because it focuses specifically on the grammar.
How many languages can I learn?
At the moment, VUVUZE offers the possibility of learning eight languages (English, Chinese, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Romanian), but we are constantly adding new languages to our portfolio.
Why more grammar?
As we know, the use of grammar in a foreign language is the most important part as well as the most difficult to learn. So, we created a system that can help you learn gradually all the necessary basic notions and beyond.
How does it work?
Recent studies show that a person wastes up to 35% of studying time with finding correct information. VUVUZE helps save you that time and gives you the correct information as you go. Also, VUVUZE offers you a system that is adapted to the needs of every single user. Depending on the chosen subscription (free or paid), you get the freedom of learning what you wish and how fast you want to do it. We provide you with a random and repetitive system that can help you progress in your own particular way and time.
Why repetitive ?
Most people who study a foreign language have difficulties in memorizing grammar rules and then applying them to a conversation. When you find yourself in this position, you don't have to worry – it's perfectly normal. Over the course of learning a foreign language, through repetitive mistakes and attempts we force our brains to accumulate the correct information.
Why random ?
Because random subjects do occur during conversations, VUVUZE allows you to simulate this important aspect of learning a language and to force your brain memorize the studied notions.
Many notions are not used anymore in the verbal language. Do I have to learn these too?
No. With the help of our linguists we eliminated all the unused notions not found in daily conversation and that take up a lot of studying time. You will only learn what is useful in the modern language.
Can the system track my progress ?
Yes. The system has a complex algorithm that tracks your progress step by step. This algorithm detects the acquired notions, so you can focus more on the ones less studied or less memorized.
Does the system work if I don't have an account or if I'm not logged in?
Yes. However, in order to fully benefit from our system, it is necessary to have a valid account and to be logged in whenever you use VUVUZE. This way, the system can track your progress as you go.
Can I change the language I study any time I want?
Yes. You can change at any time the language you wish to study, as many times as you want to. Your progress is saved for each language.